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We ask for your help in ensuring that the following list be adhered to during the outbreak. It is for your safety and that of following guests and our support staff. We hope you don’t find it too onerous.
1. We will have cleaned the house in accordance with our schedule, a copy of which will be left in the house for your information. This work will be done to the best of our ability but without any warranty that all germs, viruses etc have been dealt with.
2. All hard surfaces and bedding will have been cleaned with anti-viral spray but the Lounge soft furniture, i.e. sofas, chairs, curtains etc are brand new and will not be disinfected; if this is a worry to you please bring your own throws or similar.
3. We will provide some hand sanitiser for the initial use of guests, but you should also bring your own to use after this.
4. We cannot obtain insurance against any of our guest contracting Covid-19 or any other illness during their stay, so all guests stay at their own risk.
5. In addition we have decided to empty the ‘larder’ and  tea, coffee and other staples we usually have, as the cleaning load would be too great. We also ask guests to remove all of their items from the fridge, freezer or cupboards on departure.
7. We request that you confirm in writing (e-mail will be fine) before you arrive that, to the best of your knowledge, none of the party exhibit any symptoms of Covid 19 or have done in the last 14 days. You must also confirm, after a minimum 7 day gap and no later than 2 weeks after your stay, that none of the party have developed any signs of Covid 19. We obviously need to know this for the safety of any following guests and to assist with track & trace procedures.
8. If through accident or whatever you need to wash any of the house bedding or similar items please do so at 60C to ensure all germs are killed.
9. When using the dishwasher please ensure that for the last day or so you use a high temperature longer wash and on the last day please unload using gloves or newly washed hands.
10. For pans and large dishes that are hand washed again please ensure that they are put away using gloves or washed hands, especially after your last wash.
11. Anglesey CC have asked us to ensure that all non-recycled rubbish be in knotted plastic bags before being put in the rubbish bins. Please also make sure that all your rubbish is out of the house & in council bins before you leave. If the council bins are full please use the ‘yellow’ Gaskells bin we provide – it takes all types of rubbish.
12. Generally please keep all surfaces, handles, switches etc wiped down a lot more than maybe you would normally. On departure please wipe the keys & key box after use.
We hope that, despite all these new rules and regulations, you enjoy your holiday and look forward to welcoming you back in better times !

Revised Jan 22
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